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Thank you for your interest in The Study Center.


Our mission:        To provide affordable tutoring and homework help to students who

                              may not have access to extra help at school.


Fees:                    $25 for each of the first 4 sessions in one month, then $20 for

                             each additional session within the same calendar month, per




Sessions:              Mondays thru Thursdays   3:30 – 6:30.  Tutoring sessions are one

                             hour each,  usually in a small group setting with up to 4 students

                             per tutor.  All sessions must be scheduled in advance.  Walk-ins are not accepted.  Please call to




schedule:             Payment is due at the first tutoring session of the month, according to the student’s

                             tutoring schedule. A student may begin tutoring sessions at any time of the month.


Contracts:           No contracts; month-to-month basis only.



Pick-up policy:    Parents are not required to stay on the premises during tutoring;

                             however, we ask that you follow time schedules closely.


Our philosophy:  Success in school requires a concerted effort from the student, the

                             parents, the teachers, and, in this case, The Study Center.




1.  What grades do you tutor?  All grades (K-12)

2.  What subjects can you tutor? All subjects, also the AL High School Grad. Exam

3.  What is the difference between tutoring and homework help? We are concerned with the student’s total education; therefore, we help with homework assignments, but if these are completed, we will help with any weakness in any area, homework or not.

4.  Do you do testing?  We do no formal testing, but occasionally we may do informal evaluations to clarify learning strengths and weaknesses.

5. Will you contact my child’s teacher/teachers? only with your permission

6.  Do you have any guarantees?  We guarantee to do our best, to look at your child individually, and to treat your child with love, concern, and respect.

7.  Will tutoring be one-on-one or in groups?    We plan only 1 to 4 students per tutor, unless there is a specific need for a lower ratio.


Contact us: 

If you’d like more information, or would like to talk to someone about scheduling your child for The Study Center, call 445-6336.


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